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fireCrow v2.0 coming soon

The PCB design for fireCrow v2.0 is finished, I'm just going to double check everything twice or more 😉

There also is a 4 channel plug-in card design finished.
The design is especially made after Lennart's, who's working with special effects at the Gothenburg Opera House, desires and needs.
By the way, I'm very happy to have such a great opportunity to work this close to a possible customer!

Preview features on fireCrow v2.0

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FSCONS - third day

It's been a very inspiring weekend indeed!
Today, thanks to the lightning talk, some different peoples came up to me and asked about how and where I made my PCB's, and about wireless applications for home automation and what transceiver to use.
I take that as a sign of success and a great pay off for my first public presentation, that by the way was a close to death experience but I would definitely do it again!


FSCONS - second day

Today I did my lightning talk. It was one of the scariest things I ever done, but I think I did quite well!
I said some stuff twice but I managed to get the crowed to laugh and I think I got through to them -
That you can do anything you want if you are persistent enough! 🙂