How to setup your A314

This is an updated version that also cover A314 v1.2
Original post published 22 Februari 2020 - 23:09

In this tutorial I will use an A500+ rev. 8a motherboard with WorkBench 2.1 as reference.
I will try to make it mostly a bullet to bullet post, to keep it as short and clear as possible

Setting up your hardware.

First thing to do is to make sure your computer sees the extra memory that A314 will share with your Amiga, and make sure that the RTC gets dectected. The amount of extra memory you will retrieve from the A314 depends on your motherboard revision, and jumper settings.

Below you can the most common A314 setups without any motherboard modifications made:

A314 Motherboard JMP2 JMP3 JMPB3 / RAS0 JMPB3 / RAS1 Shared RAM
v1.1 rev. 5 set open* N/A N/A slow/ranger*
  rev. 6a set** open     slow/ranger**
  rev. 8a open set     chip
v1.2 rev. 5 set N/A open* set* slow/ranger*
  rev. 6a set**   open set slow/ranger**
  rev. 8a open   set set chip

With these setups for rev. 5, and rev. 6a you will NOT be able to use the PiAudio, RemoterWB or the VideoPlayer - these features requires shared chip ram.
A note for those of you that happen to have rev. 3, set the A314 jumpers in the same way as for rev. 5. However, as far as I know there is no way to get chip instead of slow/ranger RAM.

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