Aminet via Midnight Commander on your A500

Have you ever wanted to get stuff from Aminet to your A500 in a convenient way?
- With the A314 you can, and here's my how-to-guide:

Above you can see when I use Midnight Commander (MC) from AmigaShell.

I run MC with two arguments:
-a, --stickchars Disable usage of graphic characters for line drawing.
-b, --nocolor Forces black and white display.
This is to make it look a bit better in AmigaShell.

Below you can see how it looks with the file <WBStart.lha> marked, and the following arguments used:
mc Run without any arguments.
mc -a Disable usage of graphic characters for line drawing
mc -a -b Disable usage of graphic characters for line drawing, force black and white display.

Setting up your Raspberry Pi

Install MC on your Pi:
        sudo apt update
sudo apt install mc

To make it possible to mount an Aminet mirror as a filesystem,
you need to install CurlFtpFs and Fuse libraries:
        sudo apt install curlftpfs libfuse-dev

To browse Aminet with MC from your Amiga, you will have to make an executable bash script.
If Aminet already is mounted in the aminet/ folder, this will launch MC, or else Aminet will be mounted with curlftpfs and then launch MC.

To make the script, first log in as super user (su):
        sudo su
Create a bash script called CurlAminetMC. Note that you can replace with any of the Aminet mirrors.
Copy and paste all text below, and hit <enter>:
echo '#\!/bin/sh' > /usr/local/bin/CurlAminetMC
echo 'DIR="/home/pi/a314shared/aminet/"
if [ "$(ls -A $DIR)" ]; then
mc --stickchars --nocolor
curlftpfs /home/pi/a314shared/aminet/ -o uid=1000,gid=1000
mc --stickchars --nocolor
fi' >> /usr/local/bin/CurlAminetMC

Make file executable for all users:
        chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/CurlAminetMC
Press <ctrl+d> to exit su promt.

Setting up your Amiga

Add the following line to SYS:S/Shell-Startup:
        Alias mc pi bash CurlAminetMC

If you for some reason need to unmount Aminet, just write the following line in AmigaShell:
        pi fusermount -u a314shared/aminet/
You can also make it an Alias for your SYS:S/Shell-Startup, for quicker execution, just add:
        Alias ejectAminet pi fusermount -u a314shared/aminet/

Now you can open AmigaShell, mount Aminet and start MC by writing:

There is one thing that is different when you run Midnight Commander via AmigaShell: you cannot use your mouse to navigate! However, this is not a showstopper as you can still use the keyboard shortcuts. I will list some of the most useful ones here, the rest you will have to google by yourself.

First, let me describe how the key combinations works. It will look something like this:
Key1-Key2 - press Key1 and release followed by pressing Key2 and release.
Key1+Key2 - press Key1 and hold followed by pressing Key2 and release both.
Key1-Key2+Key3 - press Key1 and release, press Key2 and hold followed by pressing Key3 and release both.

ESC-1 to ESC-0 (0 = 10) "Help/Menu/View/Edit/Copy/ReMov/Mkdir/Delete/PullDn/Quit"
TAB "Jump to other panel"
ESC-Shift+? "Find File"
ESC-c "Quick cd"
ESC "Cancel"
+ "Select group" (use NumPad)
- "Unselect group" (use NumPad)
Ctrl+r "Rescan"
Ctrl+u "Swap panels"

By using "Find File" and "Quick cd" you can get pretty quick navigating through folders and files in MC. Using "Select group", you can easily select a couple of files and then "Copy" them to the folder of your choice, e.g. a314shared/Downloads/.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more tips and trix! 🙂

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