Modifying Amiga Optical Mouse to fit A600

Recently I bought an Amiga Optical Scroll Mouse from AmigaKit, and I also ordered the recommended adapter for my A600. However, I was not very pleased with this solution because it looked kind of ugly!

Amiga Optical Scroll Mouse with ugly adapter.

I decided to modify the connector housing by cutting away the plastic tabs that hold the connector in place.

To make this modification, take a sharp knife like a X-acto knife. Cut close to the tab until it is easily bent with a pair of pliers, about 45 degrees. Then continued to cut until the tab comes loose.

Trimming of the remaining plastic using the connector as support.


Rough up the surface inside the housing a bit before applying hot glue to fixate the PCB mounted on the connector.


Adding a moderate amount of hot glue.


Fixate the PCB with the integrated circuit facing the glue, and let it cool.


Trim down the top right corner (facing the connector).


It now makes a snug fit in the mouse port.


I must say that I am very satisfied with the result! 🙂

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