How to play Spotify on your A500

Being kind of a newbie regarding linux, it was quite hard for me to pull this of. However, with a little help from my friend, who gave me the right tools to work with, I finally got this mojo working! This is the story of how I managed to get Spotify to play on my Amiga 🙂

I got the idea after I played an mp3 via my A314 - a trapdoor expansion with a Raspberry Pi as co-processor. The PiAudio-service is piping the audio via an Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) plug called amiga. This plug pipes the raw audio via the memory that the Raspberry Pi and the Amiga shares. On the Amiga side the piped audio goes to the sound chip Paula, that takes care of the playback. Note that the Raspberry Pi takes care of the decoding. Continue reading