555 TARDIS v1.0 files

I finally made some schematics for the TARDIS! I also noticed some minor design flaws, mostly aesthetical but no show stoppers! Stay tuned for v2.0 😉
The Schematics are a little bit different than usual. I made them on the top layer PNG of the PCB so it will be easier to see where to put the components.



You can open any of the PDF's in PS and rearrange the schematics, this will hopefully be enough to get you started making your own if required. Some components already exist, but you may have to draw additional ones. I added the PNG of the top and bottom layer so it will be easier to trace the wires and see where to connect things.

Take a look at this eBook 50 - 555 Circuits by Colin Mitchell, it's a great source for learning and inspiration. I love the "Not copyright ..." at the last page of the book, thanks Colin! 🙂


If you want to make your own PCB or modify v1.0 you can download the Eagle files here. Please let me know if you do so by leaving a comment, it would be nice to know! 😉
The silk screen is a little bit different though, since the squares are missing, but you can make your own symbols or just ignore it, it's up to you!

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