Ballbot – propel concept

Another post is up, about the propel system this time!

I have this idea that the ball will be driven with a motor and a small wheel inside a bigger ring, with a friction wheel underneath.

Sorry for my bad sketch

I have not yet tested this concept but it should work, at least it does in my head! 😉
The friction wheel underneath will be pressed against the ring with some kind of spring tension, haven't figured out that part quite yet though.
Here's a screen dump on the propel ring taken from FreeCAD.

Screenshot from 2014-01-28 12:14:25

The brown and red parts are removable for easy
fitting of the motor/steering platform

There will be a ring and a motor with wheels on both sides of the ball to minimize torsion of the platform.

I have tested the motor with ESC and it runs nice and smoothly. Next will be to draw the motor- and friction-wheels and then make an IRL test of the propel system.
Stay tuned! 😉

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