Ballbot skeleton – Testprint

A couple of days ago I got a mail with an attached film clip of the first printed piece of the skeleton.

The day after, "Dubbear" came to my place and I got it in my own hands so that I could look, bend, squeeze and feel the first printed part of my very first CAD-project!
We took a look at my CAD-files and "Dubbear" showed me that my parts wasn't made as solids. I had simply misunderstood how to build the parts in a correct way!
Later on I did some googling and it turned out that it wouldn't be as much work as I feared to fix the parts into solids.

Next on the to-do-list is to find the right tolerances for the pieces to fit properly without the need of any bonding agent, if possible!
I'm working with a test piece that has all kinds of fittings used on the parts and tweeking them to match "Dubbear's" Mendel 90 printing tolerance.

Screenshot from 2013-12-04 14:10:59

So far I've found out that the Mendel 90 is more exact in the Z-axis than the Y- and X-axis, not too surprising!

Stay tuned for next update!

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