volkswagen transpoter explosion

Sunday, late night, outside our workshop, Anders (Gothenburg Prop Makers) shot the final scene for KMFDM - Amnesia music video:

The great car explosion (it's Anders old VW Transporter) at the end of the video was made by David Peter at Thunder Effects.

Here you can see how it looked like from my point of view:

Special effect course 2009

More old material 🙂

supplementary training

2009 I attended a supplementary course in special effects at PYRO SmÄlands Krutbruk AB.

We learned how to blow up and flip a car using petrol charges and zinkit + flash powder loaded in a pyretechnic piston that was placed in the ground, partially covered with soil, under the car.
We also blew up a set house with 5g cordtex, flash cracker cal. 21, a pyrotechnic dirt canon, and a petrol charge. Continue reading

…and it grew!

I don't remember exactly how we got to the point where we came up with the idea to make it into a modular platform, but it had something to do with the ATtiny4313 I think, sounded like a good idea to make it more versatile!
Why stop at making a wireless firing system, right?! 😉

fireCrow: first draw

The firing system was originally designed for squibs (SFX body hits), so it's very important that the size is as small as possible to be easily concealed under the actor's clothes.

At first we were stuck with the idea of a wireless firing system, but when we found the ATtiny4313 with "a lot" more memory (4K instead of 2K) than the ATtiny2313, we started to fantasize about what could be done with all that space!
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Musikvideo – Mando Diao, Train on Fire

HÀr Àr nÄgra stillbilder frÄn mitt första betalda jobb som pyrotekniker!
TyvÀrr sÄ Àr videon nedtagen frÄn nÀtet, ska se om jag kan fixa upp bara den delen dÀr det skjuts i framöver.

Jag hade lite problem att fÄ tag pÄ squibs dÄ jag kom in i projektet typ den enda tiden pÄ Äret som SmÄlands Krutbruk var stÀngt och tydligen alla andra, som kunde tÀnkas ha, hade inga hemma! Continue reading