fireCrow v2.0 remote control

Finally I've managed to complete the PCB design for the fireNest v2.0 remote control.
I've been stuck with it for awhile now, projects piled up and I lost the spark!
Today I ordered the PCB's, so now I'm back in business! 😉

fireNest v2.0 PCB design

You can see a sneak peak of the design below:

This is a plug-in card that turns the fireCrow v2.0 into a remote control, the card is designed for an aluminum box that takes a 160x100 mm PCB card.

Actually there's no v1.0 made of fireNest, I named it v2.0 to make it easier to know what versions it's compatible with.
v2.* works with v2.*, v1.0 doesn't work with v2.* If you have fireCrow v1.0 you have to use the remote control based on the Arduino FIO code (or make your own ;-)).

The fireNest card will be a semi advanced remote control, with up to 18 cues, when it's finished and when the firmware is complete.

fireNest v2.0 remote control -
upcoming features...

 - 6 buttons and 2 control knobs.
 - 6 LED's indicating how many cues you have on your receiver,
LED's turns off when fired.
 - Key lock to turn ON/OFF and a LED to indicate ON.
 - Dead-Mans-Switch.
 - Manual fire.
 - Step fire.
 - Sequential firing with 0.1s 0.2s 0.4s 0.6s 0.8s 1.0s and 1.5s interval.
 - Recording mode and firing mode for custom sequence. You set the sequence manually
by pressing button 1-6 with desired delay between cues. Recording starts when first    button is pressed and ends when you press the last one.
 - Abort sequence by pressing any button (and D-M-S), turn the sequential knob,
turn the receiver knob or simply turn off the remote control.
 - Up to three different selectable receivers, A, B or C, gives a total of maximum 18 cues.
 - 3 LED's (yellow, orange, red) to indicate heartbeat from the selected receiver to show
that radio link is up.
 - Parallel firing, fire to A, B and C simultaneously.
 - Remember numbers of cues left when switching between receivers.

I will put up a post with the building of the fireNest remote control later on.

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