New PCBs have arrived!

I have made two new PCBs, a 16 LED-scanner card and a new version of the 555 TARDIS, looks pretty good I think!


16-LED CYLON/KITT-Scanner v1.0 - front


16-LED CYLON/KITT-Scanner v1.0 - back

In september 2014 I began an education at Göteborgs Yrkeshögskola (Gothenburgs Trade Univirsity) to become an Electronic Engineer.
The LED-scanner card is a project I made in a course called "Practical Electronics". One of the objectives with the course is to learn how to design PCBs, so I came up with modified version of the 16 LED Scanner Project. In this version I added a "fade" to the LEDs so the scanning gets a little bit smoother.
This is the first time I made a white PCB, I think it looks awesome! 🙂


555 TARDIS v2.0 - front


555 TARDIS v2.0 - back

For the new version of the 555 TARDIS I made bigger solder pads, added a couple of extra connections, and changed a few design flaws.
The old version had too small solder pads for a beginner. Thank you Oscar for great feedback and ideas to improve the design!

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