Today they finally arrived!

Feels almost unreal, they're so tiny 45x40mm and 45x30mm! I really hope we didn't miss something important or made any critical design flaws! Anyways, here they are!

fireCrow v2.0

PyroFyro v2.0

I also got the neat little handheld spectrum analyzer, looks nice!
So now all we can do is wait for the electronics to arrive.
(sorry for the crappy photos)

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9 thoughts on “Satisfaction!

    • Hello Nicholas and thanks!
      For the moment the system isn’t for sale, but I can send you a v1.0 PCB though.
      It only have manual firing or step firing.
      You have to solder all parts on the reciever and build the remote your self and (not to complicated), you also need to be able to program it via an ISP-programmer.

      Pleas tell me how you found this site, would be interesting to know because your the first one to comment! 🙂

      Best regards/Daniel

      • I’ve started working now with some RF Soc MCU’s and I need for prototyping something smilar with your board. The true is that I need ATMega32U2 which is already used
        by yu in ver 2.0. So I would buy a complete board ver 2.0 from yu with the programming SW for ATmega 🙂

  1. Can yu also please post about “neat little handheld spectrum analyzer” – what model was? how it looks? and where yu get from and how much it cost?

  2. what yu needed the “neat little handheld spectrum analyzer” for? The XBEE is a already EU certified module with alligned 2,4Ghz freq.

    • Yes thats correct!
      We’re going to use it to mesure signal strength and try interference sensitivity.
      The RF Explorer can send out a +1db signal on a specific channel.


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