Special effect course 2009

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supplementary training

2009 I attended a supplementary course in special effects at PYRO Smålands Krutbruk AB.

We learned how to blow up and flip a car using petrol charges and zinkit + flash powder loaded in a pyretechnic piston that was placed in the ground, partially covered with soil, under the car.
We also blew up a set house with 5g cordtex, flash cracker cal. 21, a pyrotechnic dirt canon, and a petrol charge.

We added some other effects too, just for fun and to get a "story" in the short video:

The three step car explosion was made with;
three smaller petrol charges under the car,
a small flash light maroon under the hood and two flash crackers inside the cabin to break windows + the pyrotechinc piston,
and also two petrol charges inside the car.
If you ask me the timing wasn't perfect! We should've fired the "flipper" when the first petrol charges was triggered due to the slow expansion of the gas inside the piston.
The car was also quite overloaded with petrol, we used about 9 liters!!! 3 liters under the car at three different places, and 6 liters inside the cabin in two mortars!
Could've been much less petrol!

The house was blown up with four different techniques fired in three (very quick) steps.
The first wall (to the right) we rigged with 8 flash crackers cal. 21 by drilling holes in the wooden braces.
The opposite wall was rigged with a dirt cannon, a mortar inside the house aimed at the wall, that was loaded with a flash light maroon and chalice pellets. Actually this wall was the only "real" one, built with braces and plywood, the other walls and the roof where only bracing and veneer. If you look closely at 0:50 you can see that the left wall gets blown away about 5 meters!
The other walls and the roof was snaked with lots of meters 5g cordtex. 😎
And finally, under the roof we rigged a 3 liters petrol charge place in a mortar at the center of the house, the petrol and cordtex was fired at the same time.

Here you can see a play list of "behind the scenes" from the SFX course:

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