…and it grew!

I don't remember exactly how we got to the point where we came up with the idea to make it into a modular platform, but it had something to do with the ATtiny4313 I think, sounded like a good idea to make it more versatile!
Why stop at making a wireless firing system, right?! 😉

fireCrow: first draw

The firing system was originally designed for squibs (SFX body hits), so it's very important that the size is as small as possible to be easily concealed under the actor's clothes.

At first we were stuck with the idea of a wireless firing system, but when we found the ATtiny4313 with "a lot" more memory (4K instead of 2K) than the ATtiny2313, we started to fantasize about what could be done with all that space!
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It started with a small idea…

Well, I promised you the story about the fireCrow project.
Fasten your seat belts 'cause here it goes! 🙂

In the beginning there were only 2 channels...

It all started with an idea about making a small and secure 2 channel wireless firing system primary used for squibs (sfx body hits). I didn't thought that there was anything like that on the market, all I knew about was a single channel, made in China system that was quite expensive, lack of security and didn't have a nice form factor (if you aske me).

So i simply started to investigate how to make my own system, what kind of hardware to use and how to put it together, since I didn't have any knowledge about electronics to start with it was like a jungle for me. Continue reading

coming soon…

fireCrow v2.0 coming soon

The PCB design for fireCrow v2.0 is finished, I'm just going to double check everything twice or more 😉

There also is a 4 channel plug-in card design finished.
The design is especially made after Lennart's, who's working with special effects at the Gothenburg Opera House, desires and needs.
By the way, I'm very happy to have such a great opportunity to work this close to a possible customer!

Preview features on fireCrow v2.0

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